Weddings at the beach

DBlanc’s proposal is clear: ¡Searching for the moment’s simplicity!

We reject pomposity and redundancy. We emphasize every detail, as little as they may be. We care about food and service, because they are the fundamental elements designed for you.

There is a key moment organizing your wedding when this question emerges:

“How would you like your wedding to be?”

This is the moment when the details of the wedding will come up. The comments that you have written down while you were thinking, the notes that you have recorded in your mobile phone, the pictures which have inspired you, or the conversations that you have had imagining how the wedding would be.

DBlanc will treat each commitment as a unique event, that’s how we work and how our weddings are. This is the formula that will please your expectations. We are conscious of the importance of this moment in your life.

The Ceremony

This crucial moment is celebrated in an idyllic place: the beach.

To ensure that this ceremony reflects your personality, your ceremony would be planned carefully with you. The perfect music, the sea breeze at the sunset, the special guests, knowing glances, happy laughs, and some tears impossible to contain will be remembered forever in your memory.

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The Gastronomy

DBlanc is passionate about gastronomy. For this reason, the menu would be composed by a wide selection of dishes of our land. Food elaborated cautiously, which will be presented in a tasting menu to find your preferences.

The wide range of food that will be part of the menu would be prepared by our expert team of chefs. Well-qualified professionals who will please you with a spectacular cooking show. While you are at the table, our chefs will cook the menu you have chosen before your eyes. The service will be a surprise for your guests, given our quality and care in preparation.

Due to the importance of gastronomy for us, we are cautious when selecting the suppliers. Our secret is to guarantee the best quality. We will offer you the most surprising culinary choices, the best selection of wines and cavas of our land. These will be perfectly matched with the menu, to ensure the most delicious and succulent combination for your tastes. Moreover, considering the dietary requirements that some people might have for reasons of intolerance and allergies, DBlanc will adapt the menu to these needs, ensuring that everyone is happy.

The Party

This wedding is a party!

This is our goal. We might affirm that we always repeat this to all our couples relying on us. Therefore, DBlanc will offer a DJ that will brighten the celebration since the first moment. Because a party without music is not a party.

Considering that the music is the most important element of the party. Making it personal, the musical selection will be played at the wanted phases of the ceremony.

On the other hand, to taste a wild moment, the bar will have the most selected spirits and a wide range of coktails which our bartenders will prepare with enthusiasm. variedad de cócteles que se os prepararán con entusiasmo.

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