Your aim is our aim

DBlanc Is born from the passion we have for our work therefore we love to accompany our fiancées during their day. We enjoy doing it. Our cover letter sustains our long standing experience organizing thousands of weddings at the beach. This is our best guarantee.

DBlanc Team

Miquel is the best organizer and director that you can find. He is the creator of this story. After working 20 years as a vendor within the catering industry, he decided to cross to the other side and work directly with the guests.
The best ceremony director that all fiancées would like to have in their day. For her, organizing your weeding is not a job, it is fun. She is going to put her heart and soul in every detail that you would like to have in your wedding.
Just a confession: She would organize a wedding for herself every year if she could wear a new wedding dress each time.

Wedding specialists

Supporting these figures, there is a huge team of professionals which will make it a unique and special day. The incredible human team is ready, with a big smile, to make of every second a singular moment and of every detail, a memorable fact. We have received very positive feedback from our couples throughout the years. This feedback allows us to assure proudly that we have the best team in the world





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